Sunday, 13 November 2011

Just say NO to Paperchase.......

It is with a heavy heart that I write this email, way back last year I sent out a mail drop to Paperchase (inconveniently they don't take email submissions and I now know why!) they took months to get back to me and told me they were not interested. Then, last month and today (Oct and Nov 2012) when I went on my favourite blogsite Print and Pattern I saw this and feel it is my duty to inform anyone who relies on trust that companies especially large companies like Paperchase are both honest and faithful to anyone who approaches them with their designs for sale. Basically I have been well and truly RIPPED OFF by the b@sTurds, it's not exactly the same but is definitely derived from my original artwork that I initially sent them back at the end of the summer last year, I will say this for them they work fast!!! They have produced newsprint owls (albeit using primary colour and not black and white like mine) for their 2013 range of diary's, and a xmas card with trees and snowflakes in newsprint in black and white like mine, what utter cheap skates!!! I expected a lot more from such a highly successful and respected company like Paperchase. It's not like I'm paid thousands of pounds for designing, if I am lucky I get around £250 per design at the most! and thats for the license to use the design on a specified surface ie: paper, cloth etc for a period of time usually around 2 years.  I just wanted to point this out to you my friends and fellow designers, in an attempt to expose them ( I have written to print and pattern blogspot) and am wondering if I should write to Paperchase and point out to them that I was not born yesterday! The problem is I am only one person (although I feel sure this has probably happened to a lot of other designers) how can I fight against a massive multi-national retail chain? Its practically impossible, I can however expose them as much as possible, and from here on I for one will never buy another of their tainted products again.
The Paperchase effort!!!
The Original Newsprint Owls I sent out to them
Another Paperchase Rip Off newsprint trees and snowflakes.
The Original Xmas Card with Owls that I sent into them.

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