Tuesday, 13 November 2012

In your face Paperchase......

I thought I was done with the Paperchase saga after my last post but have since googled the phrase 'Paperchase and Rip Off' and here's what I have come up with (wish I had done this before I sent my designs into them). Check these links out:
http://hidenseek.typepad.com/come_out_come_out/2010/02/cannot-chase-paperchase.html in the comments section at the bottom of this linked page a couple of people who used to work for Paperchase wrote this these gems:

"I used to work for Paperchase and sadly they have a long history of doing this. Everyone knows that their design team scope the blogs and indie designers for "inspiration" and then completely rip-off the original.I hate to say it but unless you have serious legal power behind you, Paperchase won't do squat. I'm sorry to say that but I really do hope at some point someone hits them where it hurts.
P.S. I'll be retweeting x" 

" Hey - I am also an Ex-Paperchaser and they pretty much did the same thing with Rob Ryan design's and made a whole bunch of cards which practically his design..

I would suggest trying to get this more public, you thought we wouldn't notice is a great idea but perhaps even try emailing the UK papers (maybe the free one's like METRO and Evening Standard) They like to have stories like this and I think the only way paperchase would listen is if the brand is being dented..They honestly do not care about singular people...

I wish you all the best and will do as much as possible to get this out there!"

I rest my case.

Just say NO to Paperchase.......

It is with a heavy heart that I write this email, way back last year I sent out a mail drop to Paperchase (inconveniently they don't take email submissions and I now know why!) they took months to get back to me and told me they were not interested. Then, last month and today (Oct and Nov 2012) when I went on my favourite blogsite Print and Pattern I saw this and feel it is my duty to inform anyone who relies on trust that companies especially large companies like Paperchase are both honest and faithful to anyone who approaches them with their designs for sale. Basically I have been well and truly RIPPED OFF by the b@sTurds, it's not exactly the same but is definitely derived from my original artwork that I initially sent them back at the end of the summer last year, I will say this for them they work fast!!! They have produced newsprint owls (albeit using primary colour and not black and white like mine) for their 2013 range of diary's, and a xmas card with trees and snowflakes in newsprint in black and white like mine, what utter cheap skates!!! I expected a lot more from such a highly successful and respected company like Paperchase. It's not like I'm paid thousands of pounds for designing, if I am lucky I get around £250 per design at the most! and thats for the license to use the design on a specified surface ie: paper, cloth etc for a period of time usually around 2 years.  I just wanted to point this out to you my friends and fellow designers, in an attempt to expose them ( I have written to print and pattern blogspot) and am wondering if I should write to Paperchase and point out to them that I was not born yesterday! The problem is I am only one person (although I feel sure this has probably happened to a lot of other designers) how can I fight against a massive multi-national retail chain? Its practically impossible, I can however expose them as much as possible, and from here on I for one will never buy another of their tainted products again.
The Paperchase effort!!!
The Original Newsprint Owls I sent out to them
Another Paperchase Rip Off newsprint trees and snowflakes.
The Original Xmas Card with Owls that I sent into them.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The real reason I've not posted.....

Hello, to eveyone who follows this blog, I have been absent from posting for over a year now the last entry was in Feb 2011 and the reason I have not posted is because a few weeks after that post I discovered that I had a large lump in my right breast and it turned out to be breast cancer, then followed what can only be described as absolute insanity, after a month of constant scans my diagnoses did not look good aggressive grade 3 breast cancer at stage IV which had spread from my breast via my lymph nodes onto both of my lungs, it took a long time for me to come to terms with this....and during that time I was thrown headlong into chemotherapy that took 6 months and made me extremely sick by september 2011 I was finished with the chemo but needed to have a full mastectomy and lymph node clearance its taken until now for my breast to heal and my arm to be fully mobile, in January this year I did 3 weeks of radiotherapy, I am still on drugs (that I believe are keeping me alive) I take tamoxifen by tablet daily and have herceptin by IV administered by a nurse every 3 weeks this will continue for the rest of my life. I wanted to explain why I had not posted or produced any design work for such a long time, so that others understand the hell that I have been enduring for the past 18 months.

The latest news is good really good here's what I have written on my personal cancer blog;
WOW WOW WOW wanted to share my fantastic news with you all (I find it really uplifting to read of others good outcomes and hope this gives someone inspiration) The results of my latest ct scan were great! They actually told me that the nodules on my lungs are still unchanged (stable since last June) and tiny and the doc said "we don't actually know if it is cancer it could be scar tissue on your lungs!!!! but because the nodules are so tiny we cant biopsy them", she personally didn't think I had any cancer left on the lungs and the rest of the scan was clear, how amazing is that!!!!!, I'll be honest I was full of the fear and dread before I went into the cubicle thinking OMG feeling all tense and fragile, came out feeling elated and on top of the world so went and had a massive crab sandwich and bought some new 'Bare Minerals' makeup from House of Fraiser (good ole bit of retail therapy to celebrate), its the first bit of good news since all of this breast cancer shit started, it makes all the treatments, surgery and changes I've made feel worth while like cutting out caffeine and sugar, drinking a pint of green organic fresh juice daily, taking supplements and generally looking after myself, life is finally good again miracles CAN and DO happen something I am ever so ever so grateful for. I am presently whooping cancers ass and WINNING! cancer = 0 points Sarah = 100 points.

So thats the run down on whats been happening and for the first time since this all started I am today turning a corner creatively speaking my agent has rang me to tell me that I have sold more designs to Tesco's and this has given me the much needed boast to get on and produce some more design work, today I have been working on the designs taking off from where I left off back in Feb 2011 with the Gypsy inspired collection I will post them when finished very soon.

One last word of caution please please please check your breasts (btw I am 44 years of age so don't think your immune if your young) if you don't know how go and see your GP or the practice nurse and ask them to show you it could save your life and spare you this utter nightmare.

Love to you all
Sarah x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Retro 70's Gypsy Designs

Retro gypsy 70's inspired mug designs and will be working on repeats to go with them.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Retro Spring Flowers

Worked in two colourways hot and cold half drop repeat

The above 'Cool Retro' has been sold to Tesco's for a mug design.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Geometric Pattern

The 'Pattern People' http://www.patternpeople.com/ have accepted my Geometric Deco design for inclusion in their new E-book

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Owl Lover 2011 FREE Calendar

Thanks to the lovely Shivani of My Owl Barn, who contacted me back in the spring to ask if she could include my design of the 'little love owls' on a free calendar. Click on the link to download.