Sunday, 13 November 2011

In your face Paperchase......

I thought I was done with the Paperchase saga after my last post but have since googled the phrase 'Paperchase and Rip Off' and here's what I have come up with (wish I had done this before I sent my designs into them). Check these links out: in the comments section at the bottom of this linked page a couple of people who used to work for Paperchase wrote this these gems:

"I used to work for Paperchase and sadly they have a long history of doing this. Everyone knows that their design team scope the blogs and indie designers for "inspiration" and then completely rip-off the original.I hate to say it but unless you have serious legal power behind you, Paperchase won't do squat. I'm sorry to say that but I really do hope at some point someone hits them where it hurts.
P.S. I'll be retweeting x" 

" Hey - I am also an Ex-Paperchaser and they pretty much did the same thing with Rob Ryan design's and made a whole bunch of cards which practically his design..

I would suggest trying to get this more public, you thought we wouldn't notice is a great idea but perhaps even try emailing the UK papers (maybe the free one's like METRO and Evening Standard) They like to have stories like this and I think the only way paperchase would listen is if the brand is being dented..They honestly do not care about singular people...

I wish you all the best and will do as much as possible to get this out there!"
I rest my case.

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