Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Welcome to my world

Hi there and welcome to my first blog this is intended to follow my progression into design. Here's some background info on my life in design to date. I initially trained in screen printed textile design many years ago before computers were used in the design process, realizing that in order to keep up with the then current trends I would have to teach myself computer design I landed a DTP job that would at least pay me whilst I learned, that was 8 years ago and I have finally given it up to concentrate full time on design. To start I always draw my images in the good old fashioned way with paper and pencil, sometimes using my own acrylic or watercolour papers to collage.

Here's some of my original design work:

Winter Feast in the Woods
Berry Tree Feast
Matilda the Frisky Friesian
Bunter the pig
Millie the sheep

Twooo the baby owl
Hope you like them my favourite is Twooo he's sooo cute!!

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